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Free Ux Business Canvas

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What is the UX Business Canvas?

Welcome to the UX Business Canvas. A one page project plan, structured for User Experience, and Interaction design no matter what phase you join a project. The UX Business Canvas is designed to allow for quick, efficient improvisation, or revision of UX related project details. Ideal for Agile.


  • Brand – Who are we designing the interactive product for?
  • Main Goal / Objective – So what will this interactive product, or service need to do? What we are trying to achieve.
  • Devices – What technology is the design aimed for? Is it for Smart phone, Wearable, ipad?
  • Tools – So what do we need to use to build or create our designs, software tools or sticky notes.

  • Sprint cycles – When each sprint cycle starts and ends, with a date for a UX design to be delivered.

What the canvas is designed to do:

  • Quickly view UX decisions
  • Change or alter details, and try out different things
  • One page preparation of project phases
  • Designed to assist with project buy – ins from your team 

How do you use the UX Business Canvas?  

Simply download and print out the UX Business Canvas onto A4 from PDF and your away!

Want to learn more about the UX Business Canvas?

Please get in touch with us at IXDLAB_ either by email info@ixdlab.co.uk or phone us on 447858110704 .

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