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Mobiles app versus – website

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Recent research has discovered that mobile is out growing desktop uptake and with that comes a number of planning issues for business with respect to pitching and getting the right type of approach to providing online products and services from the cloud or online.

Mobile users are identified as having few apps on their phones, with heavy use of those apps yet still taking into account access to the inbuilt browser, the reason?

Marketing land cite a recent comscore report stating that App users are highly selective for several reasons, including smartphone memory limitations and screen real estate.

Facebook of course being the dominant application accessed via mobile 57% of us users use apps every day with iphone users dominating this statistic by up to 9 hours more per week than other users.

For businesses and designers alike this obviously poses a few necessary questions when designing a new product or service.

  • If my product or service is intended to be placed into the competitive market place what devices should i be targeting?
  • Would it be cost effective to promote my business instead on social media sites rather than rebuild the omnipresent wheel?

Recent internet stats show that the most popular devices to search mobile surfing on the internet is 80% for smartphone in 2015 against the desktop 94%.

Certainly for emerging markets mobile is the better option purely because of the implications of poor traditional internet access, cheaper hardware, accessibility and cost of running, factor into this equation.

Mobile applications especially those of the networking type dominate the overall use potentially because of the instant connectivity putting those out of touch, in touch with the rest of the social or business universe, and anticipating the future rate of app use over typical mobile and web browsing that is the key question.

So what does your business need to do to plan ahead for getting the best out of mobile user behaviour?

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