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ixdlab_ help’s you make those all important tech choices. Why? Well, we all need a little advice sometimes.

We offer bespoke, innovative, and unique services. The aim to help improve sales, future direction, and conversion rates, for digital products, services, and technology based products. We do this through offering the following services:

Computer Audit. 

Want to know whats going on? We offer Assessment of documented controls for Technology infrastructure, Social media policy’s, IT strategy, Computer and Data Security, Data Protection.

Sleep easier! By being in the know!

Troubleshooting service

Need to resolve a technology problem which could otherwise be difficult without an external approach? ixdlab offer advisory around your objectives. Discretion absolutely assured.

Pure Internet technology consultancy

Where to start isn’t always obvious? At ixdlab_ we realise this, which is why we help you put the full picture together.  From purchasing decisions, hires, planning, and strategy we help you into the tech future of your enterprise.

UX consultancy

Getting UX right can be a chore. Our consultancy service aims to put your business firmly onto the right track!