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“The computer industry is the only industry that is more fashion-driven than women’s fashion.”

Richard Stallman, creator of Gnu

…and he’s not wrong……….nope in fact you could say looking at some of the more recent wearables, iwatch (what do we do with it lots of head scratching), to google glass (watch out for that augmented reality over that lamppost), and fitbits what else can i do with it but run?

Wearables it seems are as fashionable and driven by fashion as you can get?

Away from the trekism’s and impending onslaught of the Siri’s and Watson’s of the world here’s a brief look at how we can still create great UX design and still offer different experiences of your business on a variety of different ‘trendy’ technologies.

The main issues:

  • Screen real estate often limited.
  • Practical interactions.
  • Data representation, particularly for small screens

The reality:

  • Research
  • Don’t design by content!
  • Design by importance
  • Plan, Plan, Plan

So if your planning to create a fashionable app, wearable, or your own version of Siri, get in touch.

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