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How to design a prototype for startups!

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So your an entrepreneur you’ve created an idea that you know has potential customers and makes the world a better place for everybody. How should you if your startups goal is to launch your idea as an online service, hardware, wearable or software project go about designing your idea? Prototype design a must for all UX’ers, busy evangelists, techies, and startups with disruptive technologies!

Set up to three, one word key project values (intrinsic core values) for your project to achieve e.g. The company wants this software application to be #Popular, #Traditional, #Purposeful. Use intrinsic core values to help define your startup project prototype. These project ‘values’, should help you match project criteria e.g. for an app project values could be: #Service, #Simplicity, #Growth. Be guided by project values during prototyping.

You get your customers! Great well done! But wait… Do you have enough understanding through initial user research to make decisive decisions that your stakeholders, that is the people commissioning the project, love? Beyond the ‘Startup project’ vision, your user research should substantiate you understand both what the stakeholders want from the project and what the customers need.

You design, and learn from each prototype, tested with Users in the lab and refine according to known’s, and unknowns. Don’t be afraid to tear up designs and start over if it doesn’t work for your customers needs then its no good!

Not only should you test your prototype, you should test the all round experience with your customers. How will customers communicate with your brand? How will your team respond to those customers questions? Prototyping isn’t just about design!

Measure the effectiveness of your project work out what does and does not work and adjust accordingly. Its no good launching a product to market without being able to define and measure against specific attributes set from the outset.

Yuk you say, my prototype looks like a dog? Its fine for your prototype to have issues, look unfinished, or be hit with the ugly stick as its used to evaluate and explore your idea. Once the idea is proven through the prototyping process it is improved and made ready to sell into your startups defined digital marketplace.

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