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Working at home

Working from home

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Here are some of our top ten tips for working at home.

1. Meetings.

Stuck for a way to have a meeting with more than one person? Use Google Hangouts, or Zoom for meetings. For a more personal approach try Skype.
Always, always have a decent suit jacket to reach for if the occasion arises.

2. Its lunchtime. I do sport or go to the gym.

For those of us sporty types, an online class or two for yoga or pilates is enough to while away an hour. Check your gym for online classes. Use ‘Youtube’ to find a pre-recorded exercise class session. We recommend les mills online but don’t do bodypump in a confined space!

3. I’m Wanting to Network!

Try an online community boasting a pub, a beauty salon, a gym, the kids club, the travel clinic at the virtual village. Startup or Entrepreneur? try Startup nation , use twitter hours to network and advertise your business. Join your local chamber of commerce, or the yorkshiremafia but remember no hard sell!

4. Productivity apps

Worth checking out for writing documentation as an alternative word processor is Grammarly. Grammarly has the ability to store documents. It offer’s targeted content tonality checks. This means you can tell if your writing is ‘friendly’ to your audience. It is also lightweight for use in the browser.

5. Space

Find a decent sized workspace when you can sit unhindered by life’s distractions. Yes. Right! Okay, okay i hear you. If your fighting for workspace with your cat, your housemate, or your family try this approach. Create an uncluttered area in your home which is off-limits to them between normal working hours. Remember that the understairs cupboard won’t do if your in IT and don’t forget that you still need a source of light.

6. Lists

List everything you need to do at the start of the day, get a schedule, or get alexa to remind you. This helps you to focus on what needs to doing. As opposed to how many jobs in the house need doing.

7. Get a break…..

Normally we would suggest going for a long walk at lunch. Unusual but valid approaches to this include using a running machine for a ten-minute walk in the house. Getting up to have a cuppa and a few biscuits. Or doing something completely different.

8. Call people…

That’s right call them just to say hello if you are missing your office social life, or even skype them for a chat.

9. At some stage you will get distracted.

If you can stop distractions like tv, and neighbours calling round. Distractions like dog’s attacking next doors prize Persian cat, and foibles like inappropriate social media memes aren’t always solvable. If this happens don’t worry! Move on. Nothing to see here. But do block your work colleague responsible for memes from social media accounts, and put the dog on a leash eh.

10. Logging off

Don’t forget to keep to your normal working hours. So if the working day clock stops at 5pm you log off, if it starts at 9am you start or log in too. Try Clearing your desk afterward so your house gets back to a home!

Companies that allow remote work have 25% lower employee turnover than those that don’t. (Owl Labs)

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