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The 24 UX terms everyone should know

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To work on a successful project is to understand what it is that your UX team, are actually talking about. Its important to get that understanding of some of the terminology and to help you really interact with the team spirit.

We’ve compiled this handy run down of some of the most essential terminology in UX and interaction design.  So you can now explain to colleagues these 24 UX terms, whilst playing that all important pivotal role in your organisations UX, or interaction design projects. Hurrah! 



One of many software development methodology’s that UX can work within for software development.

A / B testing

Comparative form of test used with both design and content testing different questions on a single web page region, or multiple areas.



An organisation, or a companies mark of recognition, by design or typography, or a combination of many aspects for the customer to distinguish against the competition.


Customer Experience

Not related to User Experience so don’t get confused here! Focused primarily on offline action as opposed to online behaviour of the customer and how the customer perceives interaction with your business or organisation.

Content Strategy

When, where, and on what mediums you should deploy content with tone, to your target market place.


Direct Manipulation

An interface where the user (customer) has prime control as opposed to environments where the system has control.


Empathy map

Used for mapping what a user sees hears or feels during use of a prototype, software, or hardware device to a specific objective to examine emerging problems or issues.

Eye tracking

Establishes how the user has preference whilst viewing text, content or images e.g. on a web page.


Focus group

Moderated session where data gathered from a group of individual’s opinions or reactions is steered by a researcher into a relevant topic for a product or service to highlight issues or acceptance of the product or service.



What you would like your uses to achieve through use of your product and service.


Human Computer Interaction (HCI)

The art of making human machine interaction easy. So design, evaluation, and implementation of use of computer systems we humans interact with.


Interaction Design

Designing for all types of technologies, systems, and products through user experience, research and design process.

Information Architecture

Organising, labelling and structure of content to aid the user in completing a task. As simple as the customer finding information on products or services on your website, to complete a task, such as a purchase.



Used to understand the types of customer your creating your digital, online service or product for.


An activity involving creation of a rough or incomplete concept of a digital or online, product or service is built to test.


Responsive design

Designing for multi-platforms such as Ipad, mobile, and website all displaying different screen sizes. Yet for Ipad and mobile the design must consider orientation of screen.


Service design

Designing your business or organisation’s response to the customer if they have questions before, during, or after use of the product or service.


Essential tools to find out about your customers wants, problems, and needs.

Stakeholder Interviews

What do the key people involved in the project want the project to achieve?



Basically can the customer use your digital online product or software and find it easy to learn and effective to use without becoming frustrated and going elsewhere.

User Journey

A great way to examine steps involved in your customers journey, such as customers online purchase if building an ecommerce system.

User Research

Research Methods to find out more about user (your customers) needs, behaviour, and motivations when using your online service or product.



UX should provide return on investment and most importantly customers who can use your product without frustration!

Visual design

Aesthetics and communication with the user through illustrations, persuasive colour,typography, photography. Styling of a digital online service or product helping to enhance content building on brand.



The structure or outline or design of an online service or product

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