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Top ten UX tips

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  • Do not construct design wireframes without research.
  • Do not dismiss the context for that is sacred to the design process.
  • Do not ignore Fitts law afterall for even customers with ‘fat fingers’ should be able to use your software, mobile application, or website.
  • Focus on long term and medium goals for your design process, that all important bigger picture offers ‘key’ understandings.
  • Understand how the right mix of technologies, and services can improve your customer retention rates.
  • Always design for the customer with the right tone of voice to suit your business.
  • Understand businesses digital, services, products, and software based audience.
  • Monitor software, mobile application, or website against the competition for competitive advantage.
  • Plan for future technologies as well as be mindful of present tech. Key when assessing your UX strategy.
  • Understand the motives of your customers. That is why they do, what they do with your products and services afterall that is what makes your business a success!

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