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What no one tells you about User Research

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A quick guide to the User Researcher.

What does the customer want from your online digital services, and products? How do we find out what the user actually needs our digital products and services to do?

Cue the User Researcher who researchers the User, also known as the customer. A User could interact with different technologies, websites, software, or mobile applications.

User Behaviour, context, and characteristics, are then captured into findings by User Researchers. Data gathered from User research contributes to the design process.

Using data gathering techniques, the User Researcher provides insightful, and often contrasting patterns. User Research techniques used in a project may be:

  • Observation of the User using a digital product or service
  • Focus groups used to determine the Users reaction to your digital product and service
  • Questionnaires – Assessing User satisfaction in using a digital product, or online service.

So what is the difference between a User research and that of a Market Researcher ?

Techniques are similar in the data gathering process. Application of the collated data differs between User Research, and Market Researcher.

Market Researchers watch what people need from a product, service, or what and why they buy, or preferences. Exploring opportunities to define, or identify markets, or competition.

User Researcher’s identify, a design’s impact, through user behaviors, needs, and motivations.

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