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A quick guide to the UX designer

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What does a user experience designer do?

User experience designers, design interactive product’s and experience from the perspective of the customers who use the interactive product’s, rather than designing purely on use of functionality. For that you need usability. But UX (User Experience) design also borrow’s from usability too.

The idea behind user experience design is that the UX designer create’s pleasing, but usable designs for interactive products that improve the satisfaction of customers who want to use the interactive product.

The UX designer puts together aspects of an interactive products design. Don’t get UX design confused with branding, graphic design, or UI. UX designers may touch on these areas to put a design together. But is UI, UX?, or Brand UX? or Graphic design UX? In the singular sense. No. It isn’t.

“We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.” 
Jeff Bezos, Amazon.

UX exists to design for the customers users experiences when using an interactive product, they, the customers are king, they know what they want, need, require:

“When a customer enters my store, forget me. He is king.”
John Wanamaker, Early American pioneer of Marketing, and Business Entrepreneur

Customers do not use interactive products in the same way as one another, or exactly like developers, or a director of a company, or an organisation does. Every customer is unique. Every customer uses your product for a reason. If the customer cannot get what they want from your interactive product in a reasonable manner no matter how good it is, its likely that, they, the customer will go elsewhere. This is why UX design’s, with the understanding of the customer.

UX designers need to consider in designs all stages of the interactive products life-cycle. From first contact with the customer, to how they access help. How the interactive product is maintained, and further iterated. UX design however is not a replacement for Service Design.

Most UX designers will implement typography that’s nice looking fonts sized perfectly for each interactive products interface, but they won’t design the typeface.

UX designers may work with content designers, brand designers, Marketing, and technical disciplines to create a successful interactive product. The UX designer never walks alone.

Some of the tools of the UX designers trade: Storyboarding, Wireframing, Prototyping, Typography, Sketch, InVision and Agile to name some of the most popular methods of creating a new interactive products design.

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