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Profit better by the UX AI design

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Artificial Intelligence, AI Driven UX helps to design useful digital products or services.

Improve Machine learning, NLP, Computer vision, or AI through UX design. With potential to better personalisation of data, efficiency and monetisation. Help user’s get their needs from AI and meet your business goals by adding added value through UX design. Here we explore basic principles and strategy’s for helping you monetise.


Get to know and understand the users

User Research helps to identify users needs, preferences and pain points. Build a delightful experience for the user of your digital AI product or service.


Building trust in use of a product or service is paramount. Provide users with control over their data and ability to customise any interactions.


Improve your conversion rate and deliver targeted content or features for a personalised experience.

Improving on our previous product:

Provide a way to regularly feedback to enhance your product or service lifecycle. Update or enhance your product with new features or content.


Ramp up those Product Offerings:

Build features or premium offerings the users will want to pay for such as:

  • Advanced analytics
  • Personalised AI coaching, Chatbot help using Conversationalist AI
  • Exclusive content
  • One off collaborations with other brands.

Consider a Subscription based Model

  • Allow users to choose levels of AI integration suiting their goals. Use a Subscription-based pricing for AI-driven features.
  • Offer free trials of your product to your user base.
  • Use Tiered Models a User can choose with a range of packages.
  • Use freemium models with a basic version or reduced feature set of your product or service. This helps to attract users and prove the value of premium content or features.

Data-Driven Insights

  • Use AI for analysis of user behaviour and preference.
  • Marketing strategies
  • Product development
  • Provide insightful improvements to existing customer service strategies.
  • Use aggregated data gathered by AI for market research and strategic planning.
  • Use predictive analytics

Advertising, to suit your audience:

  • Deliver targeted advertising with AI in your digital product or service.
  • Ads should be non-intrusive, and enhancing.
  • Partner with brands for sponsored content that is of the user interests.

Ai’s efficiency and Cost savings though UX:

  • AI improves operational efficiency through automation of repetitive tasks.
  • Competitive pricing can help the users to save on cost. Reinvest saved costs to enhance UX further.
  • AI-driven efficiency will help to provide a user with better cost realisation. Navigate potential hazards of data analysis on a large-scale. Improving ROI something to shout about in your marketing.

UX basics

The UX business canvas

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UX Design definition:

UX is for creating products and services providing meaningful and relevant experiences.